Urn for water memorial ceremony

In the 21st century the number of the cremation burials is increasing, because it offers cheaper and more environmentally friendly ways. I wanted to find a solution for the kind of urn burials, which is workable for long term and give wide opportunities to say good-bye to our loved ones. It can be used for the traditional urn burials and water ceremony as well. I needed eco-friendly, inexpensively manufactured material. The clay meets all these conditions, as because of the material composition and technique of preparation, noble and natural-looking objects are made from it. I made experiments, looked out for the bounds to find a common point of the problem, form and process. Organic compositions of clay were prepared and planned in forms that symbolically refer to their functions. The object is made from 100 % natural materials, cheap to manufacture. It decomposes in water and soil in a few days, it does not pollute the environment. Due to the simplicity of the ceramic material’s wealth and it’s formal possibilities, it that can be adapted to a variety of philosophy of life. The form was inspired by holistic symbols and hulls. These forms talk to us about the deceased trip without words, refers to the wholeness and new beginnings.