Designed in Hungary

The Designed in Hungary exhibition presented more than 60 Hungarian designers works in Sopron. Among the exhibited items there were fashion products, jewelries, accesories, ceramic and porcelain creations, media art objects, furnitures and designed hausehold objects. I designed opened and clear installation, which is cost-effective and shows the objects as they are, but separated from each other. I earlier developed a cubeframe system, which is well usable for different spaces, easy to install, it has several sizes and thousands way of use. I completed the 3 dimension cubes with tapes and ropes to create lines around the exhibited items. This way, every work had its own space we could visually accompany the varied items together. The exhibition was copmleted with exciting programmes and VJ show. Every evening nature photos and natural structures were projected in the exhibited area.

Organizers: Design Terminal
University of West Hungary – Faculty of Visual Arts and Music
Project Manager: Szandra Deutsch

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