at xmas 2013 – exhibition / fair / auction

The AT Xmas was opened in 2013 the third time to present Hungarian designers products in an exclusive exhibition and fair. This year, over 120 designers products were available for the costumers, became one of the biggest fairs in Hungary. In this temporary Christmas store, custom-designed functional objects, uniques design solutinos, small gifts and furnitures could be found as well.
I created a winter exhibition space in the Design Terminal. My imagination was about a soft and warm installation, which wraps around the space. I used coat lining (large quantities) to built huge, soft, sratified cubes with lighting inside.

Organizer: Design Terminal
Project Manager: Szandra Deutsch
Graphic design: Miklós Kiss
Implementer: Dekoratio Branding & Design Studio
Photo: István Várfi

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